Mobile Marketing and Social Media in the Restroom | Where CAN’T You Market?

If you are new to the mobile marketing industry, then you probably have no idea that there is virtually no place that you cannot market to. Actually, we might be able to use the word “literally” instead of “virtually” now because of newly discovered information regarding mobile marketing, social media, and where they are commonly used. We already know that 91% of all adults have or own a smartphone, but where are they using them?


For starters, we know they are using them on the streets, in stores, at restaurants, at the mall, at work, at home, before bed, in bed, in the morning when they wake up, and basically everywhere in between. And when we say everywhere, we mean EVERYWHERE. A recent study conducted by CreditDonkey has found that a whopping 52% of American social media users admit to using Facebook while in the restroom. Of that 52%, 54% were men and 40.4% were women. Along with these restroom numbers, it was also found that 51.4% of men admitted to using social media while drunk, while 41.4% of women admit to using social media while drunk. Of course, women are probably thinking right now, “Well obviously the men’s numbers are higher, men are pigs.” Which may be the case, but the numbers are still prevalent for both sexes and should be seen as huge windows of opportunity for marketers.

Speaking of the battle of the sexes, women actually have a higher propensity to use social media while watching television, with 83.3% hopping on social media while their TVs are on in the background. Only 79.8% of men do this. 72.5% of women and 69.5% of men visit sites while traveling, and both sexes are guilty of getting on their phones while at work with 62.4% of men and 58% of women messing around on the clock. Who do you think used their phones more while shopping? Men right? While the women are shopping? Nope. 44.1% of women used social media while shopping relative to 36% of men.


Probably the biggest and most frightening of these statistics is the fact that 14.8% of men and 11.8% of women admit to hopping on social media while driving. To be more specific, 19% of social media users have accessed Facebook while driving and 15.1% have used Twitter. Of course, this is nothing we endorse in any way shape or form, but it does illustrate how people are using their smartphones literally EVERYWHERE. You can now add the restroom, while watching TV, while drunk, and while driving to our initial list at the top of this article. We are still trying to find places where people AREN’T using their smartphones, but those places are becoming few and far in between. It will eventually get to the point where we may never find a place where no one uses their smartphones again.

So what does this tell us? The fact that everyone is using their smartphones EVERYWHERE?! Well, you might want to start by implementing a mobile marketing strategy into your overall marketing strategy. The best part about mobile marketing and marketing on social media is that it is CHEAP compared to any form of outbound marketing (television, radio, billboards, print media, etc.) This should not be a hard decision! Integrate mobile marketing into your marketing strategy today and take advantage of all these users who are on their phones all the time!

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