Drip SMS Automation

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Smart SMS Lead Nurturing

Have you ever heard of the “Law of 29?” Marketers believe that one must see a product or promotional ad 29 times before they are committed to purchasing the product. Marketers developed a system called “drip irrigation” where they would impose small amounts (drips) of information on perspective buyers over a period of time to get them to purchase their product.

Drip SMS Automation is similar to that of  e-mail “autoresponders.”  Once the prospect enters their information into your system it is captured and stored in a database. You can then design and specify a series of messages to be sent to that prospect.

What Drip SMS Automation does is deliver timely information and the right information to users/prospects exactly when you need it to. The content delivered is based on user interaction with your brand and based on where the user is in your sales cycle.

Drip SMS Automation is very simple and easy to use. It nurtures early stage leads until your user/prospect is sales ready. Drip SMS also maximizes marketing and sales effectiveness and keeps leads engaged with your company through the entire sales process. Providing relevant product information to potential prospects while also preparing them and current users for purchase.

Drip SMS will help you win back interest of older leads and maintain those leads as well. Using Drip SMS makes it easier to target competitors customers/prospects and entice them with limited time promotions and special pricing offers.

How often should you “drip market?” Well that is up to you and the product you are trying to sell. It is not uncommon do “drip” messages monthly or weekly. Just remember your goal of  drip marketing is to nurture your client, not to overwhelm or ignore them.