SMS Marketing for Radio and Television Media

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Radio Station Solutions

Radio stations have been offering a wide variety of daily prizes to their listeners for generations. Now radio stations are trying to lead listeners online to hopefully sign up for a membership. Our White Label for radio stations can make this all more simple while gaining consumer involvement. Radio personalities have an abundance of followers/listeners that can persuade hundreds if not thousands of consumers to text a short code and opt-in to your station.

Opting-in to a short code will allow your listeners to text in during contests, request songs, polls, voting charts, etc. This level of involvement can increase dedication to a radio station or a radio personality.

The possibilities for radio stations can stretch beyond white labels into location based marketing during public radio appearances. If a radio station is outside a concert, we can push a campaign out to the opted-in user for additional prizes. Click this link to learn more about location based marketing and its capabilities.

Adding mobile marketing to radio stations offer more potential business by providing your consumers with more options for involvement. Instead of just going to the website to enter in “a keyword of the day”, your listener will be able to just text it in to receive more information or enter a contest.  Mobile has progressed over the years to now allow consumers to do the same services that your website has from their phones.

Television Solutions

Television mobile marketing has developed over the years as a growing data collector. Companies have used mobile marketing in the past for entertainment. Commercials containing short codes have been around for decades; from finding out if your relationship will last to what your Jersey Shore nickname is or simply downloading a ringtone. Producers are beginning to use the service as data collecting or informational.

The reality of this product is, consumers are always on their phone and willing to give data (although they do not know it). Producers are now offering exclusive first looks or other special rewards for opting-in to these short codes which entice fans of their show(s).

Mobile Marketing is an easy way of not only targeting a specific market, but also collecting data on who your audience is and what will appeal to them.

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