Our Enterprise SMS Application now offers Social Network Marketing Integration & Automation

Social Network Marketing Integration & Automation
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Send SMS Text Blasts to your database and Tweet the same message to your Twitter account automatically! 

Now when you send a text blast via Anchor mobile’s White Label SMS Reseller Application or Enterprise SMS Application marketing, your Twitter and/or your Facebook status will be updated. Automate Mobile and Social Marketing Effort

The appropriate Twitter/Facebook user name and password will need to be added to your SMS White Label Reseller or User Account information before any social networking messages can be sent. Please keep in mind that the maximum length for a Twitter message is 140 characters and 420 characters
for Facebook.

This is all possible with The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol and custom API. SMPP is a telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging SMS messages between SMS
peer entities. It is often used to allow third parties to submit messages, often in bulk.
For more information on SMPP click here: