Mobile Website Reseller & White Label Mobile App Builder

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HTML5 Mobile website Reseller and Mobile App Builder

Our new Mobile WebSite Reseller web builder tool has been created. This white label mobile app builder allows you to sell to your white label clients.

Mobile applications included:

  • The ability to control the CSS
  • HTML5
  • QR Codes
  • Click to email
  • Click to text
  • The ability to integrate into social networks:Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google plus
  • Browser Detection
  • The ability to redirect Java Script
  • Features are being added and improved on a daily basis

It’s So simple!!

Each and every mobile application that is activate will use one of two media credits (aka publication credits). Billing of media credits is on a daily basis.

Once you receive the activated application you will see longer and shorter urls as well as well as a counter for quantity of downloads for your apps.  Also, their is a view page that displays the QR Code and the automated forwarding script for your mobile application. Simple, right?  The next step is to embed the code into your web page and this will send the users to your mobile app. In addition, analytics and metrics are visible as well.

Please use Mozilla Firefox for an optimal user experience.

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