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Another thing that makes us better is our custom programming capabilities.  Our competitors spend their time and your money working on their own software.  We have a dedicated team for that.  Our other programmers are available to spec, quote and develop anything you can dream up.
That is right, as a reseller of Anchor Mobile, you have the ability to offer custom web and mobile programming, even with limited knowledge.  Our team is very capable with projects that require:
superior web applications utilizing ajax, jQuery or other java-script libraries with well-designed MVC solutions that enable true agile environments. Ruby on rails, ASP.NET MVC, Spring MVC, CakePHP and more.

Many companies are exploring custom software applications to work on the cloud in order to create efficiencies for their business or to service a need.  We can help you win that business and bring to bear a team capable of delivering a working product on time and on budget.

custom programming

Anchor utilizes the 5 D process and the Agile Development Method

  1. Discovery
  2. Define
  3. Design
  4. Develop
  5. Deliver

These are the steps to each phase of a development project.  Under AGILE Development,  these phases are reduced to “Sprints”  or small bite size pieces of the project that are prioritized and estimated to remove potential scope creep issues.  Once we have DEFINED the SPRINT and receive the first payment, we are off to the races.  Under Agile Development, the up front cost is lower and the reseller pays ongoing based on achieved goals.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on developers in other third world countries to develop the programming your client is building a business around. We are on shore and everything is MADE IN THE USA.

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