Short Code Hosting

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 short code hosting
At Anchor Mobile we lead the charge to integrate SMS Short Code Technology in the American Marketing Segment.

common short code (CSC) is usually 5 to 6 digits that push out information directly to the consumers that have opted-in to your alerts. This gives content providers like Anchor Mobile access to over 260 million wireless subscribers. These codes offer great insight for companies through advertising and marketing. Such campaigns could include: voting and SMS polling, SMS contests, SMS surveys, SMS database marketing, SMS alerts, Mobile games, etc. The Common Short Code market in the United States represents an exciting opportunity for everyone, including broadcast, cable and satellite media, entertainment companies, consumer goods, advertising, or technology companies.

There will only be 80,000 SMS Short Codes allowed in America according to the U.S. Short Code Administration and Neustar!

If you are researching the opportunities that await you, resulting from owning your own Short Code, you have found the right Mobile Marketing Organization

With your own short code, you will be able to:

  • Compete at the lowest SMS price points
  • Enjoy large margin as an SMS Reseller organization
  • Offer or Utilized Unlimited FRESH Keyword Availability
  • Develop custom short code applications for others to use
  • Ascertain PREMIUM mobile billing approval
  • Position yourself at the pinnacle of the SMS industry as a Short Code Owner

Anchor Mobile will handle the entire short code set up process including; CSC set up, mobile carrier approvals, SMS aggregation.  Anchor Mobile also provides commercial grade or simple mobile applications that allow you run track and manage your SMS Text Marketing, SMS Voting or SMS Alert campaigns.

We do offer shared short codes that are a cost effective alternative to leasing a custom or vanity short code. Packages that include all of the above start at only $125 per month!

Anchor Mobile is a short code management and short code hosting company that you can count on.  Our programmers and mobile marketing consultants have years of mobile marketing experience and will make your introduction to mobile marketing and SMS messaging a positive experience.

We make short code acquisition, short code approval, short code aggregation and short code application connection easy. 

You will deal with one or two key mobile technology consultants from Anchor.  They will handle the entire setup process for you, including:

  • Short Code Application
  • Short Code Approval process
  • Short Code Aggregator selection
  • Short Code Aggregator connection
  • Short Code Hosting (dual, dedicated, mirrored and 24 hour managed servers)
  • Short Code Testing
  • Mobile Premium Billing Approval
  • Short Code Application Selection
  • SMS Technology Training
  • Full “on call” support
  • Consulting
  • and more!

Owning your own short code is not for the under funded.  Inititial investment as follows:

  • At least $1500 up front to register your Short Code ($3000 for a VANITY SHORT CODE)
  • $3500 up front to cover carrier and aggregator set up fees
  • 3-4 months of patience
  • $2000-$2500 per month ongoing to cover:
    • Short Code Hosting
    • Short Code Aggregator Fees
    • Short Code Application Fees
    • Short Code Lease