3 Reasons Businesses and Consumers LOVE Mobile Marketing

Lets start off by clarifying exactly what mobile marketing entails. Mobile marketing is a way businesses can directly communicate with consumers via handheld devices. These devices, usually smartphones and tablets, can provide information to customers by promoting goods, services, and ideas. There are several different approaches to mobile marketing. Today, we’re going to show you 3 ways mobile marketing is LOVED by businesses and consumers alike!



When it comes to reaching customers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is convenient for them, there is no method that compares to mobile marketing. Consumers today have higher expectations for their devices and expect to find the information they need on their mobile devices instantly, without hassle. Consumers shopping for products and services often want to access the information in a mobile-friendly format while on the go. For example, an in-store shopper spots the latest laptop and is very interested. So the shopper pulls up the company’s website on a smartphone to get more details on the device. To help capture the sale, the retailer’s site should be optimized for mobile browsing, otherwise the sale could be lost. Businesses that are not accessible on mobile phones are losing to their competitors who DO have a strong mobile presence. Along with this, many companies are also using mobile apps to boost brand awareness. Mobile apps can be downloaded right to the home screen of mobile devices. People tend to download apps for things they do regularly or for things that tie into their lifestyle. For example, many smartphone users download the Facebook app instead of using the mobile version of the website because the experience is better. Convenience matters! Retailers who have an app available for their customers make it much easier to search for products and their customers appreciate them for this. Mobile apps and mobile website are both equally important because, based on reports, consumers are split on what they prefer with 58% preferring mobile optimized sites to mobile apps. Consumers have indicated that downloading and regularly upgrading applications is not convenient. However, mobile apps are still a great way to engage customers and create a loyal following. If you lack either a mobile app or a mobile optimized website, you are essentially cutting your audience in half.


Location, Location, Location

Location-Based Services (LBS) are informational services that utilize the geographical position of a consumer’s mobile device. Rarely will a consumer have their phone not within arms reach, so LBS applications can reach virtually anybody, at any time, regardless of where they are located. In mobile marketing, LBS applications are used as an advertising or marketing service that uses specific location information of customers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right place AND the right time. Consumers are happy to receive mobile marketing messages if they are relevant, personalized, and offer some kind of benefit or reward. SMS marketing is great way for businesses to make consumers feel special. Especially when they think they’re part of an exclusive group of people who receive deals and discounts via text message.


Social Media

Some of us can’t go a single day let alone a few hours without using our smartphones or tablets. Now if that isn’t enough, social media has also established a grip on our daily lives. Social media has played a huge role in how people interact with each other in today’s day in age and has actually revolutionized the entire social landscape. From a business perspective, social media, paired with a mobile marketing campaign, creates multiple new channels for your business to bring in new leads and customers. Social media is an important marketing strategy for businesses that provides a way for consumers to connect with businesses and brands via mobile. Companies can create social media fan pages that consumers can access and engage with to get information about upcoming events and specials. Businesses can also use this opportunity to convey the company’s voice and become a trusted source of information for consumers. Once you’ve established a trust with your consumers, you start creating relationships that can last a lifetime.

Social media on Smartphone

Mobile marketing can work so well for so many different businesses on so many different levels. On top of this, mobile marketing is much cheaper than any other form of marketing and has been proven to be equally, or even more effective than outbound marketing methods. Several companies have already seen the benefits of mobile marketing for themselves and have already implemented extremely successful mobile marketing campaigns. Don’t be one of the companies who fall by the wayside simply because you were too stubborn to adapt to modern marketing methods. Adapt and survive! Adapt and THRIVE!

Location Based SMS

Location based SMS, or geo fencing, is the new marketing tactic for retail locations all over the world. Geo fencing is is a way to market to an audience that is within a certain geographical location. With mobile marketing increasing significantly in the past decade, it only makes sense that it would continue evolving. Although the technology has been around for years, the latest fad in mobile marketing is to locate users that have opted in to the program by geographical location, and then sending them advertisements when they are within a geo fence.


Geo fencing allows a brand to tailor SMS promotions to a users’ real time location. For example, a mall recently ran a location based SMS campaign that targeted cardholders of a select brand of credit card which ran from Black Friday to New Years. The geo fence was placed around the mall and designed to send SMS text promotions to users when they were within a certain distance of the mall. The SMS promotion encouraged the users to use their credit card at certain stores for a chance to win a shopping spree at one of the participating stores.

  • 39% of the users said that the SMS influenced their decision
  • 37% of the users said they were influenced them to shop at a certain store
  • 68% of users said they would sign up for future SMS promotions
  • Users spent, on average, 24% more than non users who did not receive the SMS

A geo fence can circle anything or any area. Most of the time, they are used to circle different retail locations or places that are of interest to the user.


SMS Opt-In

For people asking the question on whether or not users have to opt-in to receive geo fencing SMS messages, the answer is yes. It is a major thing to have users opt-in to such services because the service tracks mobile devices. Once opted-in, the technology is not always tracking the SMS user. The right way to use a geo fence is to use it as tracking data so locally-targeted and relevant content can be sent to the users. This essentially makes a business’ advertising more efficient in the sense that they are only paying to advertise to people who want, and will probably be, interested in the advertisement because these users opted-in to the program. Accuracy of the technology depends on several things. The most important thing that accuracy depends on is what type of location capabilities that the wireless carriers support. These capabilities range from A-GPS, which is extremely accurate in the outdoors, to G-CID, which is much less accurate and has a range of 100 to 5,000 meters. Another thing that changes how accurate this technology can be is what type of internet service the carrier supplies in certain areas. Topography is also a major factor in the accuracy of this technology.

Geo Fence Size 

The size that the geo fence can be is basically as big or as small as it needs to be. It also has the option of being in several places. For instance, if a company has several locations, they could have geo fences around all of their existing stores and not have to send out the information to SMS users that are not within the specified geo fences. The geo fence can even be used to work with city, state, and zip code barriers. The best example of this is for online gambling, which is illegal in some states. This allows online gambling companies to send out pertinent marketing information to the registered users that are only in states which allow gambling activities.


Capabilities and Cost

This technology works with all carriers and mobile phones, and can reach 100% of the users that register. The registered users of the technology don’t pay a dime. The only cost is to the business sending the SMS messages. The cost to the business can vary on how many messages they would like to send and how many users they have. It can also vary by how often they look at users’ locations. This technology can also be implemented into existing campaigns and is easily adjustable.

To sum up, this new and exciting technology is very user friendly and cost effective to businesses that would like to get into geo fencing and initiate a mobile marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing techniques and this is just another facet of this new and exciting technology.

New Features: Location Based Text Messaging & QR Bar Codes

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 – Location-based/Proximity
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2D Bar Codes

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