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Will Google Glass Replace the Smart Phone?

How would you feel wearing a device over your eyes that looks like glasses? Subtract the lenses and add a small device over your right eye. This is Google Glass. Experts predict that Google Glass can ultimately be a game-changer along the lines of phones. One that could change the landscape all across the advertising, […]

The How Tos of Mobile Keyword Research in 2013

Starting out in the communications industry can be kind of bizarre. It’s fast paced, exciting, crazy and a whirl wind industry. As the old saying goes “you learn something new every day” can definitely be applied here. The way people, companies, even the web communicate is very diverse and complex. No two people can communicate […]

Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2013 “Here Comes the BOOM!”

Have you ever taken a quiz or a survey of any sort and they ask you a question pertaining to your “theme” song? For example, “If you were to pick any song and label it your theme song, which song would you choose?” I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I have […]

Go Mobile or Die, 8 Reasons Why It Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

How many of you have a Facebook or Twitter account? How many of you access that account from a device other than a PC? If you do, are you using your smartphone or tablet? If so, you are considered “part of the norm.” Over two thirds of facebook and twitter traffic already comes from mobile […]

Mobile Web Strategy for Small Business

Let’s play a game of pictionary here. Let’s say you are a local business and you want to produce a mobile site to draw bigger business in. What do you do? Do you place more ad’s in the local paper? Do you make calls to your local radio station? What about more television commercials? What about […]

Mobile Web Statistics and Trends 2013 | A Mobile New Years Resolution

The calendar recently changed from 2012 to 2013 which means you should be too. Did you know out of the four billion mobile phones in the world 1.08 are smartphones? How many times a day do you access the Internet through your mobile device, smartphone or tablet? I bet it’s a lot, right? Every time you […]