How Can Mobile Marketing Help Your Company?

There are many ways mobile marketing can help your company. One way is that it will help you reach more of your customers.  For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can schedule text messages to go out to your customers about promotions that you have going on. If you are running a special for a normally slow night, you could send out a message letting them know that you are doing a promotion on buy one entree, get a second entree at half price. Almost all text messages are read within minutes of receiving them. By sending a text message to your clientele, you are reaching a higher percentage of customers than sending them an email or snail mail. Keep in mind that 97% of all text message are open and read, while only 5% of emails are opened and read. See the opportunity here?


If you know your customers and know you haven’t seen some of them in quite some time, you can send them a message offering them a particular special, such as, “We haven’t seen you in awhile, please show this message to receive 15% off your purchase today!”

Be where your customers are. The majority of your customers always have their mobile phones with them and look at them frequently. Make sure that you are using keywords that pertain to your business for your customers to opt-in to the campaigns.

Your company may be old school as far as marketing is concerned, but it should also looking for ways to attract new customers and make more sales from your current customers. You need to look at the marketing that has been working for years and as well as new marketing plans. Mobile marketing doesn’t have to stand alone, it can also be used in addition to your current marketing plan. In fact, it usually works better when your mobile marketing campaign is integrated into your overall marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing works! Look at all of the “name brand” companies that run mobile marketing campaigns and are successful with it; i.e. Coca-Cola, Papa John’s, Jack in the Box, DirecTV, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s for example. Now relax for a minute, I do hear and feel the hesitation here. Yes, these big companies have a lot of money to spend towards their marketing campaigns. I also understand that small companies and mom and pop stores do not have the large amounts of money to spend on marketing like the large companies. But if you were and are willing to try it, it will bring you more customers and more revenue to spend towards your marketing budget. In fact, mobile marketing campaigns cost pennies to the dollar when compared to larger, outbound marketing efforts that are continually becoming less and less effective over the years. Why is this? People are becoming inundated with advertisements, commercials, and marketing EVERYWHERE they go.

Mobile campaigns do not take up a lot of your time. If you know that you are going to run certain specials throughout the month, you can go in and schedule the messages to go out on a specific day and time. You can also always go back and edit your message before they go out. Let’s say you notice some items in your store that used to be big sellers and now they are not selling anywhere near what they used to. You can send a message out to your database letting them know that you are running a one day or two day special on these particular items. Once you get them in your store, you have the ability to upsell them.


As you can see, the benefits of mobile marketing are vast and numerous. There are already hundreds upon hundreds of companies who are already reaping the rewards of a mobile marketing campaign, and they’re doing this while spending considerably less money than if they were using traditional outbound methods. Jump on the mobile marketing revolution today before it’s too late and you are left in the wasteland of all the other companies who refused to integrate a mobile marketing campaign into their marketing efforts.

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