Text to Screen Works! | Key Benefits

There are so many different ways you can implement mobile or SMS marketing to benefit you and your company. One of these ways is text to win. Text to win is one of the more fun ways to market using SMS since it involves a high amount of interaction and engagement from your end users. In fact, if you do it correctly, your end users will end up doing most of the work and you will be the one who ends up benefiting. Of course, so will your end users, so it’s really a win-win.


If you’re looking to create a truly interactive experience for your customers and prospects using SMS, then text to win is exactly what you’re looking for. It involves people communicating in real-time, texting their messages to a screen at an events and venues such as concerts, monster truck rallies, sports games, clubs, bars, etc. It is a way for your end users to communicate both with you as well as with other end users. The beauty of it is that it can essentially become anything you want it to be.

Text to screen is a feature of SMS marketing that allows people to send a text message to a phone number, then that message will be displayed on some type of a screen (projection, TV, etc.) The screen is in an area where a lot of people can see it, so they can read and react to what’s being said by others. By running text to screen, you are essentially giving a voice to your customers and prospects, and they absolutely love this.

There are several ways you can implement text to screen at your next next event. Here are some ideas that have worked very well in the past.


This works especially well if you are a venue owner, or are going to use a venue for an event. You can send messages to the screen promoting various different sales, specials, or events you and your company have going on at the time. Since everyone at the venue can see the screen, you are marketing to all of these people.

Text to Screen Chat

You can create an on-screen conversation between all of your end users using screen chat. This is where people will communicate on your screen using text messages. To put it simply, it’s like an online chat room on your screen, except way more cool.


Sporting Events

You can use the stadium’s jumbotron or big screen to allow fans to text messages to their team, cheer them to victory, or interact with other fans.

Clubs and Bars

If you have a club or bar with a large screen that everyone can see, then you can use it to unify everyone in your establishment. Imagine that the place is stuffed with people, and you see a pretty girl dancing on the other side of the room and you want to meet her, but you don’t feel like shoving your way through a sea of people to get to her. Using text to screen, you can simply text her a message via the in-club screen and invite her over for some drinks. You can also use this to promote drink and food specials within the bar or club.

User Feedback

You can get feedback from everyone at your event, venue, or establishment and find out what people want and are feeling. You can simply post a question or poll and have users respond with a number or phrase. You could literally initiate a special on the spot using the feedback from your users, which would only make them love you more.


Of course, there are some users who like to stir things up and post inappropriate content on your screen. To prevent this, we can build in a filter for your text to screen campaign so that everything that goes up on your screen is pre-approved by you.

Besides the benefits we have already mentioned, you will also be collecting your users’ phone numbers to put into your database as they text in to your screen. Using our software, this will happen automatically. Once you have a database built up from your text to screen campaign(s), you can then mass text those numbers and promote any sales, discounts, or specials your company is currently offering. The best part is that your users know that they’ve opted into your service, so they will be receptive to your texts.

So the question now is, what are you waiting for? Launch your text to screen campaign today and start to generate interaction among your users and customers while at the same time creating a fun and engaging atmosphere around your brand.

Bulk SMS Text Messaging; Send SMS Anywhere in the World


Bulk SMS messaging is a way to send high volumes of text messages to potential customers, suppliers, employees, and partners that allows you to connect and interact with them. Oftentimes companies will use bulk SMS messaging for entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing purposes. More specifically, you can send alerts, reminders, notifications, or announce competitions where the receiver could win a prize or trip. This is a service currently offered by SMS company AnchorMobile and you can use this SMS gateway provider service virtually anywhere in the world.

To use this service, you first need the software. There are several software packages available for bulk SMS broadcasting and these packages allow the user to add as many phone numbers as the user would like. The user can manage these phone numbers in several different ways; whatever best suits the user’s wants and needs. Most SMS software applications allow you to upload lists of phone numbers using a TXT or CSV file. If your system is more refined, it will automatically remove any duplicate numbers and will validate all numbers to ensure they are indeed real cell phone numbers before sending the mass text messages like ours does. To take it a step further, you can also schedule your text messages to be sent at specific times throughout the day, or space your messages out across several days, weeks, or even months. Again, remember that these messages can be sent nationally as well as internationally using AnchorMobile’s mobile marketing platform.

There are several ways to help your mass SMS text messaging campaign benefit your company or business. To be more specific about what was mentioned before, you can use it for alerts to inform people about important events or situations, you can use it for reminders to remind people about appointments, events, and payments, and you can use it to promote competitions and actively invite people to participate in your competition using two-way messaging or SMS advertising You can use two-way messaging and short codes to ensure a direct line of communication with your customers. Notifications can also be sent to inform customers, suppliers, and partners about relevant information, developments, or changes to plans or your organization. Other ways to use SMS is through personalized priority messaging, which is basically a way to make sure you are sending the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Reservations and bookings can also be made through SMS messaging to make, confirm, or change them.

With AnchorMobile’s ability to send bulk SMS message almost literally anywhere in the world, the possibilities are endless. Bulk SMS text messaging is an easy way to reach anyone you need to in real time. Not only is bulk messaging a great way to reach customers and increase revenue flow into your business, but it can also be used internally to streamline communication within your company and speed up the communication process so you can focus on the bottom line.

To learn more about acquiring an SMS Short Code or Long Code to originate the bulk SMS and pricing per nation, contact an AnchorMobile consultant today.