Text to Win

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Text to win is one of the more popular ways of setting up and entering contests today. It works much like text to poll and text to vote, except this time people can win something by texting your short or long code. Winners can be selected manually, or you can automate the selection process by having our platform choose the winner for you. The different methods you can use are:

-individual winner

-multiple winners

-the Nth winner (i.e. the 25th person to text the code wins)

-every Nth winner (i.e. every 5th person to text the code wins)

-first X incoming text messages (i.e. first 25 responders win)


Text to win campaigns have proven to be very effective due to the added incentive of a prize or reward. Integrate text to win into your mobile marketing strategy and watch your ROI grow!

text to win screenshot