enabled shopping cart for White Label SMS Platform

The Anchor Mobile enterprise SMS Platform is built using the Paypal API

When using Paypal for account creation and payment, no customization is required. However, if you would like to accept payment and authorize automatic account creation via a traditional merchant service provider, you will need to build your shopping cart to utilize our customer management API.

To eliminate the need for custom API Programming, Anchor Mobile has created an easy-to-use WordPress plug-in that is already configured to connect to your merchant service processor, via

The cart plug-in capabilities include:

  • SMS and keyword sales item creation
  • E-Commerce automated account creation
  • Buy more credits feature
  • Add more keywords feature
  • Self controlled style sheets (look and feel of page)

In order to utilize this plug-in, you must have a site that is built in WordPress, or have a WordPress installation on your domain. The Anchor development team is here to help you, if need be.

The cost of this plug-in is $800, fully configured. Not including CSS style sheets.