Mobile Coupons

mobile coupons
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Deliver Offers Directly to Customers

No matter what condition the economy is in, shoppers turn to coupons to free up their budgets. In the United states alone during 2009, consumers redeemed well over 3.3 billion coupons for consumer packaged goods. Manufacturers issued over 367 billion coupons with an average face value of $1.44. There are all kinds of coupons, normally your stuck clipping them out of the Sunday paper. Today, we’ve reached a society that carries their electronic device with them more often than an actual paper. So, put those clippers down and grab your mobile device, because coupons have now gone mobile.

What exactly are mobile coupons? Well, they’re simply the digital (mobile) version of the coupons found in your local newspaper. Digital (mobile) coupons simply help shoppers save money in a faster, greener way.

How do Mobile Coupons work?

  • Coupons are sent to the users phone, via text or downloaded through an application.
  • Barcodes are scanned directly from users cell phone or via short code.

 What do Mobile Coupons do?

  • Let customers know about a product or service.
  • Can be stored by consumer on a mobile device and later redeemed at a retailer.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Increase average revenue.
  • Attract and engage clients with special and personal offers.

Mobile coupons can be available through text sent directly from company, on smart phone applications, or through social networking sites. Mobile coupon delivery is becoming more advanced every day. Location based delivery has evolved from knowing what city a consumer is in to exactly where the consumer is standing at a particular point in time.