Magento eCommerce is the only answer

Anchor offers many options for eCommerce software, although we highly recommend you use Magento. We also offer WordPress and Prestashop, these of course as any middle class eCommerce platforms have their pros and cons. If you are new with eCommerce software we encourage you to try out Magento as this is the top of the line and you will not be satisfied with any other options.


Magento eCommerce Software

With Magento, you have full control to create your own coupons and promotions which can increase your sales and leads. Magento offers out of the box features such as persistent shopping, customer segmentation, customer rewards, gift registry, and more. Anchor will set your store up to be 100% search engine friendly. We host and configure your store the best way possible to benefit your company in speed, stability and security.

The things you will love about Magento eCommerce:

  • Customizable themes, shipping and payment
  • Great Support
  • Out of the Box features
  • Catalog Browsing
  • One- Page checkout
  • View, Edit, Create and Fulfill orders from the Admin panel
  • Promotions and discount codes.

Contact us today to discuss your eCommerce options. Anchor can help you make a splash with your new eCommerce.

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