Mobile Marketing Automation & SMS Lead Nurturing


There is a log of buzz lately amongst enterprise size companies regarding Mobile Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing as it pertains to Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is based on the concept that today’s consumer, whether B2B or B2C, has the power to regulate what types of marketing they receive. Both B2B and B2C consumers ought to be assessed with the same principles when it comes to inbound marketing. The power of receiving information is given to them by the technology at their disposal and in their hands. This technology is primarily provided through Google and other search engines, and is amplified by the ease of use and mobility offered by using the technology on smart phones and tablets.

The new consumer paradigm is defined as “Selective Consumption”, meaning that the consumer decides when they want or need a product or service, and then begin searching online for more information. This information is delivered in the form of web pages, articles, press releases, social media and online review platforms. It can also include premium online content like eBooks, case studies, white papers, webinars and videos.

The consumer formulates a list of preferred vendors BEFORE making first contact. Inbound marketing is the process of creating marketing that people love via the offerings of valuable, quality and most importantly FREE content online. The company that can do this on a regular basis floods the Internet with good, useful content and will win the heart of the consumer by reaching them at the exact right moment and with the right product information.

This is the key to selective consumption. Once they have selected you as potential vender, they need multiple EASY ways to contact you or request that you contact them. This is known as Calls to Action and Conversion Tools. Once these tools are implemented, the difficult part of engaging the consumer and getting them to come to your business has already been accomplished.

Mobile Marketing is a spoke in the Inbound Marketing wheel. Consumers typically use the mobile device to conduct online query and research. Since mobile devices have become so integral in the customer’s researching process, it is imperateive that mobile marketing be part of an inbound marketing strategy. This includes but is not limited to mobile friendly sites, mobile web apps, QR codes, SMS calls to action, mobile video and more. This will allow for potential customers to be met with relevant, useful marketing in a primary way in which they are apt to receive it.

What most marketers don’t yet realize however, is that Mobile Marketing can be automated, thus creating the need for Mobile Marketing Automation platforms. The benefits of automating these mobile marketing tools is that instead of flooding potential customers with spam, a relevant message is sent to potential customers based on their previous actions.

Examples of mobile marketing automation and mobile lead nurturing include:

  • SMS Keyword Opt-Ins with SMS Auto-Responders carrying links to premium mobile friendly online content
  • Time Release or Drip SMS campaigns triggered by select SMS keyword actions (just like email lead nurturing)
  • SMS Scheduling (the ability to schedule SMS marketing in advance)
  • SMS platform integration with Social Media (so when you release an SMS it also goes to Twitter and FB)

Mobile Marketing Automation can be achieved through the use of Mobile Marketing Automation platfroms. Like any marketing software as a service, you need to focus on training to create efficiency and deliver measurable results. The software essentially is only as useful and beneficial as the worker’s operating it behind the scenes. Furthermore, you must also focus on Mobile Marketing Association best practices, FCC Guidelines and Carrier regulations.

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