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If you’re reading this, you are probably already aware of the multitude of benefits that SMS and mobile marketing offer. However, there are companies and businesses out there who try to take advantage of these selling points and turn it into a pyramid scheme that only benefits them and their company rather than their clients and customers. If you are currently a customer of a company that does these things, or you are thinking of launching an SMS marketing program and are unsure where to start, you will want to read this before making any final decisions.

Izigg Problems

When it comes to mobile marketing and the selling of the software, you naturally make more money the more you sell of the product. However, if you simply sell the software to your clients without assisting them in the deployment of their campaign, or simply ignore them altogether once you have made them a client, you are setting yourself up for inevitable failure. Mobile and SMS marketing can be unbelievably effective when it is deployed and maintained correctly, but if you do not know how to do this, and the company who sold you your SMS or mobile marketing software leaves you hanging out to dry, it is almost impossible to succeed.

At Anchor, we firmly believe in the concept of UNLIMITED support, training, and coaching for our clients. (We also offer agency user accounts with packages that include unlimited keywords, white label licenses with unlimited keywords, and sub-user accounts for your clients.)  In other words, if you were to purchase SMS or mobile marketing software from us, you would also be getting UNLIMITED support for that software. Anytime you run into a problem or have a question about how to correctly apply your campaign, Anchor is more than willing to help you out. Why? Because we believe that our own success is a direct reflection of our clients’ success. And when you take a closer look, that is how it actually works. If we were to sell you mobile marketing software and give you ZERO support, odds are you will FAIL. This means you are not making any money using our software, so why would you want to stick with us? We’d end up losing your business and you would be extremely frustrated in the process. That is why we offer UNLIMITED support, training, and coaching. If you were to purchase ANY of our software to resell as your own, you would have a full team of mobile marketing experts ready to answer your questions and help solve your problems. Because our success is dependent on your sucess, which is the way it should be.


When navigating the SMS and mobile landscape, it is important to watch out for companies who try to take advantage of their customers, especially if you are still learning about the medium. Make sure you know who you are working with before you jump into anything and understand that the PEOPLE you work with is oftentimes much more important than the product or service you are selling.

COMMENT in the thread below if you have had issues with Izigg or have experienced firsthand the problems that surface when companies leave their clientele out to dry without helping them.


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