CEO of Anchor Mobile, TJ Kirgin pours over 8 years of SMS Marketing knowledge into this 40+ page eBook, correctly titled, “The Complete Guide.”

This eBook is a source for invaluable information regarding:

  • How it Works
  • Statistics
  • Best Practices
  • Commons Short Code Provisioning
  • International Long Codes
  • SMS Compliance
  • 1 Way
  • 2 Way
  • Chat
  • Text 2 Screen
  • Text 2 Vote
  • SMS Gateways
  • SMS Software

and more!

Whether you are wanting to research the requirements to run a successful SMS marketing campaign or you want to get your own common short code, this book will save you thousands in wasted time, learning curve and costly mistakes.

A little about the author:TJ Kirgin

TJ Kirgin

TJ Kirgin is a second generation marketing and advertising professional with over 35 million dollars in media, web and mobile marketing experience. His Klout Score is 68. TJ became a thought leader for Mobile Marketing in the United States when he began using SMS for marketing in 2005. Today TJ’s company Anchor serves over 500 marketing companies and thousands of brands with their SAAS Mobile Marketing Automation Platform. TJ manages many Common Short Codes in the US, Canada and Mexico. He has worked with great brands like Disney, MLB, Kenny Chesney and more!

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