Mobile Marketing Statistics 2014 | 20 Stats That Will Shock You!

According to recent market studies by marketing research firm IDC, by the year 2014 smartphone shipments are projected to surpass 1 BILLION for the first time ever! This is just another astounding number in a long list of statistics that illustrate the recent smartphone and mobile device explosion. It is pretty apparent that the mobile market is larger than ever before, but a majority of people, and businesses, are still not fully aware of the sheer vastness of the entire mobile market and the opportunities it presents. Here, we have compiled thismobile marketing statistics 2014 list that will assuredly shock and surprise you and hopefully open your eyes and mind to something you were not aware of before.



-Apple and Android make up over 75% of the smartphone market. (Tweet This!)

-30% of American consumers use mobile devices for shopping. (Tweet This!)

-80% of physicians use their mobile devices while they are at work. (Tweet This!)

-37% of consumers believe a majority of mobile sites are tough to browse. (Tweet This!)

-If your mobile site isn’t working correctly, 46% of those who visited your site will NEVER return again. (Tweet This!)


-Mobile email readership peaks on Saturdays, but is at its lowest on Mondays. (Tweet This!)

-27% of ALL emails sent are read via mobile devices. (Tweet This!)

Social Media

-1.2 billion people use Facebook internationally with 168.8 million coming from the U.S. (Tweet This!)

-54% of all Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile devices. (Tweet This!)

-500 million people use Twitter internationally with 140 million coming from the U.S. (Tweet This!)

-60% of Twitter users access Twitter via their mobile devices. (Tweet This!)

-25 million people use Foursquare internationally. (Tweet This!)

-79% of desktop internet access is used for social activity while 91% of mobile internet access is used for social. (Tweet This!)



-eBay’s sales have increased from $13 billion to $20 billion from 2012 to 2013. (Tweet This!)

-1 in 4 mobile users will redeem a coupon via a mobile device by 2014. (Tweet This!)

-A 48% increase in mobile payments is projected in the United States, increasing from $18 billion this year to $90 billion in 2014. (Tweet This!)

-24% of American tablet owners use their tablets to shop 2-3 times a month. (Tweet This!)

-20% of American tablet owners use them to shop more than once a week. (Tweet This!)

-12% of American tablet owners use them to shop every day. (Tweet This!)

-This year alone, mobile commerce will make up 15% of ALL eCommerce sales. (Tweet This!)


-Mobile advertising revenue is projected to increase from $9 billion last year to $11 billion this year. (Tweet This!)

-American mobile marketing will reach over $7 billion in 2013, and Google will take home over half of it. (Tweet This!)

-Facebook mobile ad revenue is expected to reach $1 billion this year. (Tweet This!)

As you can see, there are a lot of factors pointing towards not just continued growth of the mobile market, but that it is going to go through the roof! Mobile marketing has become imperative to any marketing campaign. If you do not choose to adapt your strategy and go mobile, we promise you that your business will suffer and your bottom line will be impacted dramatically. In fact, your company could very well just drop off the face of the map, especially if your competitors are adopting mobile marketing campaigns while you aren’t. It’s very simple, you have three choices: innovate and thrive, adapt and survive, or neglect and die. The choice is yours.

SMS Marketing Statistics 2013

They’ve always said, “Numbers never lie.” Here at Anchor, we strongly believe in this concept along with the fact that metrics are the best measurement to prove that ANYTHING works. Luckily, we’ve been able to come across a ton of information directly related to the success of mobile marketing and SMS marketing, and we’d like to share this information with you. These SMS marketing statistics and numbers are a great way to get a better illustration of the mobile marketing landscape we see today, and how consumers are using their phones, smartphones, and text messages to access information, get deals and discounts from brands, and research and communicate in general. So, without further ado, let us launch into the numbers!


SMS Marketing By The Numbers

-The average person looks at their phone 150 times per day! (Tweet This!)

-SMS produces 6-8 times MORE engagement than email! (Tweet This!)

-Only 20% of all emails are read. (Tweet This!)

-Only 12% of Facebook posts are read. (Tweet This!)

-Only 29% of tweets are read. (Tweet This!)

-A whopping 98% of SMS messages are read! (Tweet This!)

-70% of people in the United States have stated that they would like to receive offers from brands on their mobile devices. (Tweet This!)

-68% of people in the United Kingdom have stated that they would like to receive offers from brands on their mobile devices. (Tweet This!)

-The average response time for an email (business to community) is 2 days. (Tweet This!)

-The average response time for a text message is only 90 seconds! (Tweet This!)

-Email only experiences a 4.2% click-through rate. (Tweet This!)

-SMS experiences a whopping 19% click-through rate! (Tweet This!)

-SMS coupons are 10 TIMES more likely to be redeemed! (Tweet This!)


If you would like to get the inforgraphic with all of these statistics on it, then be sure to check out ourinforgraphics page. These SMS marketing statistics can be used for a number of things, especially to give statistical and numerical evidence that SMS marketing DOES, in fact, work. It isn’t a secret anymore that everyone is using mobile devices, so if you’re not mobile yet, you are only asking to fade into the sunset, forgotten by anyone and everyone who is relevant in the industry, including your customers. Go mobile TODAY and harness all of these people who are using mobile. These numbers don’t lie, so you don’t have to either.

SMS Marketing Statistics 2012

In today’s world, anywhere from 95-98% of text messages received are opened and read within minutes of receipt. Because of this, SMS marketing is growing quickly as a means of delivering marketing messages to clients and customers. This kind of marketing can be a great benefit to any kind of company. However you use text message marketing to reach your audience, you’re sure to get attention. Still not so sure? Take a peek at these SMS Marketing Statistics 2012 and see just how powerful SMS marketing can be.

For starters: With Four billion mobile phones out there, 86% of mobile users said that they receive or send at least one text message per week, though often it is much more. Last year alone, 7.8 trillion SMS messages were sent. It is estimated that SMS traffic will reach, if not surpass, 9.6 trillion messages by the end of this year,

25% of all of those four billion registered phones are smart phones and of those consumers using mobile phones, 30% of households said that they no longer even had a landline in their homes. Over one third of mobile phone users said that they actually prefer text messaging as a means of communication over a phone call on that same mobile device. 44% of people said that they are apt to check their phones an average of at least 10 times a day.

95% of all mobile users (both smartphone and non-smartphone users) have been connected to by brands that are using SMS marketing to reach their customers. Regarding ad awareness, the average mobile based campaign utilizing SMS marketing significantly outpaces online ads. One third of consumers say they interact with a brand via text message on a regular basis. They do this by opting in to regular messages with promotions and incentives on the brand’s website, scanning QR codes, or texting in keywords to a mobile short code.

Of the 250 million mobile users in the United States, about one fourth use their phones to access the internet for browsing, searches, shopping, games, and more. 9/10 mobile searches lead to action, and half of these searches eventually lead to a purchase. With 50% of local searches being performed on mobile devices, it’s pretty clear that mobile isn’t going anywhere. Why not use it to your advertising advantage?

Speaking of advantages, here are some that SMS marketing offers:
In all the emails received each day, so many are spam: upwards of 30%! Users have found their way around this with spam filters, and are less likely to open an email they find unfamiliar because of this. In SMS marketing, though, only about 10% of daily received messages are considered spam. Because of this, users aren’t as prone to brush them off without first reading through them. This reading through often leads to further action. For some facts: Only about 6% of marketing emails are opened and responded to, while SMS Marketing campaigns have a much higher response rate-45% to be specific.


With all the marketing images consumers see daily, marketers constantly have to create new, engaging imagery and campaigns all the time. The fact that SMS messages are direct to the customer is definitely a big plus- even if someone is on the go, they’re very likely to check their text messages and see what you have to say. Another perk is that there is so much less need to compete with other media in this form, because it is a fairly new way of marketing products and ideas to clients.

With all of these statistics in your favor, it’s not hard to see why SMS marketing is a great tool to add to your marketing repertoire!