Changes to Facebook Fan Pages Breathes New Life Into Email & SMS Marketing

If you are the CEO or owner of a business, or are in charge of your company’s marketing efforts, you are probably already aware of Facebook’s recent algorithm changes and how they are dramatically affecting the reach of your Facebook page. It used to be that you could market your products or service on Facebook virtually for FREE and reach a HUGE audience without paying anything. You simply needed to post content that people would react to and engage with. However, Facebook has throttled down reach SO much that it has become almost impossible to reach the same numbers of people with your Facebook page, especially if you are refusing to pay Facebook for sponsored posts and advertising. It does not matter if you are still creating original and engaging content; yes, it does help a little and you will notice your reach go up a little bit, but there is no way you are going to reach the same numbers of people you did before Facebook’s algorithm change on April 14th. So how do you combat this dramatic change in your company’s brand exposure? You would be surprised where we found our answer.


Facebook Fan Page Reach Drops to below 3% on Average

First, let’s take a look at the numbers. Due to Facebook’s recent changes to reach, you now reach about 1-3% of your total audience with any given post. That means that if you have a page of 200 thousand Likes, you are reaching a little over a thousand of those people with any given post. That is PUTRID compared to what you used to be able to reach.

In fact, we actually did a data analysis regarding this using our sister companies’ Facebook pages which have a cumulative total of 1.4 MILLION fans. Historically we used to be able to post something on any one of those sites and we would reach a vast majority of our fans, or even more through sharing! However more recently, after finding out the total number of people we reached per post, we then divided that number by the total number of people who saw ANY post we posted during that particular time period. The resulting number is the AVERAGE PERCENTAGE of the people who saw the post who also LIKED the page. We ran this test in the month following Facebook’s change on April 14th and the results have been staggering. Of the five pages we ran this study on, NOT ONE post on any page even hit 3% of our audience! To be specific, the average percentage of the people who LIKED our pages who actually SAW our posts on each page read like this: 2.9%, 1.3%, 1.3%, 2.3%, and 0.069% respectively!!! That is an average reach per post of 1.574%.  No, we are NOT kidding. Also, keep in mind that we changed NOTHING as far as what we posted, when we posted, and how we posted.

Along with this startling information, any post you put on Facebook will die within 2-3 days, or even sooner! So not only are your Facebook posts reaching far fewer people, but they are also being erased from the socialsphere much quicker than ever before. So how do you reach these people when you don’t have the gigantic Facebook megaphone you used to have?

So where do you turn? Many marketing directors and agencies have begun to fall back to Email and SMS Marketing.

Email Marketing Advantages over Facebook

Email marketing has a relatively strong reach, or open rate in email speak, when relating it back to the reach you are currently getting on Facebook. Email open rates are generally 15% of your database, which means that about 15% of the emails that you send to your email database will actually be opened by the receiver. Knowing that you are barely reaching even 2% of your audience on Facebook, email marketing has experienced a rebirth due to its reliability and efficiency relative to the results you will get on Facebook.

It is also important to note that email open rates also experience a diminishing return. This means that with each email blast you send out to your entire database, your open rates will gradually diminish. This is due to people either unsubscribing from your database, trashing your email, or your emails are being sent to people’s spam folders. So you will either have to switch methods again to make up for this loss, or find a way to consistently grow your email database while you are employing email marketing as the driving force behind your marketing campaign. Regardless of how you look at it, it would be extremely difficult for any marketing campaign to survive on Facebook and email alone, so where do you turn next?

SMS Marketing Advantages over Facebook

SMS absolutely CRUSHES Facebook when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency. Think about it; SMS has a 99% open rate and a 97% open rate within 3 minutes! This means that almost literally EVERY message you send yo your SMS database WILL be seen by your subscribers. They HAVE to! Have you ever been able to delete a text message without looking at it? Exactly, you can’t. Additionally, SMS messages NEVER die until they are deleted by the receiver. That means that ANY message you send to your subscribers WILL be read. They HAVE to be read to even be deleted!


So STOP banging your head against the brick wall Facebook has built when it comes to exposure. You WILL NOT get the same reach you did before, Facebook has made it a point to make that absolutely impossible to attain. Switch your marketing efforts to SMS and send messages that you KNOW people will see! To put it simply; SMS will ALWAYS reach 99% of your audience, NO MATTER WHAT! Can you possibly think of a better medium to market to your audience through?

We couldn’t either.

Facebook Mobile Posts Drive More Engagement

If you are already running a social media campaign, or are running several, then you may be aware of the fact that you can post on Facebook from a desktop as well as from mobile devices. With Facebook continuously becoming a more and more important part of any marketing campaign, it is important to note which posts are driving more engagement than others. Lately, there has been a trend where more Facebook admins are starting to post their content via a mobile device rather than through their desktops. Considering there are over 800 MILLION monthly active users on Facebook mobile, this shouldn’t be a surprise, yet a majority of Facebook admins still do not take advantage of the ability to post on Facebook from mobile. A recent study was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of Facebook mobile posts, and the evidence suggests any Facebook admin who is not posting via mobile devices should reconsider their ways.


Facebook’s EdgeRank checker recently ran a study that measured the response to posts on Facebook via mobile which found that 5% of Facebook page posts are posted using a mobile device. So as of right now, 95% of Facebook’s posts are coming from a desktop or third party app. However, this could change considering the study revealed that admins who are taking advantage of mobile posts are generating a 39% increase in engagement as opposed to a non-mobile entity. Also, per fan engagement spikes from 0.38% to 0.53%.


It still cannot be proven that mobile posts are CAUSING more Facebook engagement, but upon closer inspection, we might be on to something. We already know that Likes, Shares, and Comments are the best way to measure and gauge engagement on Facebook. Not only does it show that people are talking about you and your company, but when people are engaging with your page it increases the amount of exposure the page is getting. If you are not generating Likes, Shares, and Comments on your Facebook page, then you are not accomplishing any of your goals. However, when EdgeRank measured the reach of these posts, the reach of mobile posts were basically similar to that of desktop or third party apps.


So we know that Facebook mobile posts are creating more engagement, but it is not necessarily increasing the reach of the posts. But why does mobile content create more interaction in the first place? There are two schools of thought:

  • Facebook Mobile Users Are Savvier-People who use Facebook on their mobile devices are more likely to be savvier with technology, more notably when interacting on Facebook via a mobile device.
  • Content via Mobile Can Be Posted Live-Facebook admins who can post content live in real-time create a lot more engagement with users because it is extremely relevant. Right here, right now posts are instantly recognized by Facebook users and they like when content is presented to them on a live or behind the scenes basis.

Like we mentioned earlier, we cannot prove that mobile posts CAUSE more reaction, but a lot of the evidence suggests it does, especially when posting live content.

Statistically speaking, 63% of all brands experienced an increase in engagement when they posted using mobile devices. If you are a Facebook admin and you have the opportunity to live Facebook an event, or post behind the scenes content, take advantage of it! People love it when they are presented fresh and unique content, and with live content they know that is exactly what they are getting. Content has always been the workhorse of Facebook marketing, and live content makes it even better and more relevant.

So the next time you are considering what or how to post to Facebook, try live Facebooking or posting behind the scenes content so your users and fans KNOW they are getting fresh and unique content.